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You Are Special!!

The Mirror Podcast

You Are Special!!

Sagan Amery

Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this podcast. It may make you sleepy!!

Episode 5

Life is strange, no one can deny that. Here we are, on a circular object filled with 71% water, and we don’t have gills. It is spinning around at 1,000 mph, in a solar system in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by vast space that we can’t breathe in, gills or not. And we don’t have any friends on other planets. That we know of anyway. This is it. We are just born, into skin suits that move us around, and we have to make our way through the school of life. Some say it’s a miracle, some say it’s a bizarre accident, and other believe something in between. Regardless of what you believe, you can’t deny the fact that your very existence is important. You are here for a reason, and if you do the work, you can find out why. This will lead to a state of happiness and wellbeing. But it takes time to get your mind in the place it needs to be. We are all given different situations, and each have to find our way to happiness and fulfillment on our own journey. And not everyone gets there smoothly. In fact, almost no one can avoid drama, trauma, detours and obstacles. No matter how rich or poor you are when you start out, everyone has to find their way through the rough terrain, and each person’s experience requires careful navigation. Sure, some people have it easier than others.