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I Refuse to Let Disease Define Me!!

The Mirror Podcast

I Refuse to Let Disease Define Me!!

Sagan Amery

Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this podcast. It may make you sleepy!!

Episode 3

Whether talking about mental health issues, or even things like autoimmune disease, people tend to label themselves constantly out of of habit and need. If someone feels as though they are not being supported through a rough time with their health, they are more likely to consistently remind those around them that they are suffering. It could be due to feeling ignored, or perhaps feeling frustrated with the symptoms of something such as depression, anxiety, or even a disease like Lupus. Obsession can even become a problem in these instances, where the afflicted person is constantly making posts on social media about the illness, and reminding everyone what is going on. The problem with this for one thing, it can tend to push healthy people away. Another issue with constantly labeling oneself with disease is the idea that you are actually manifesting and feeding the problem.