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Don’t Hope, Just Have Faith and Believe...

The Mirror Podcast

Don’t Hope, Just Have Faith and Believe...

Sagan Amery

Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this podcast. It may make you sleepy!!

Episode 4

The further we go into this podcast, the more I will teach you my secrets about Law of Attraction and manifesting. When I first started getting into this stuff, I wasn’t sure how real it was. But because it didn’t cost anything, and it couldn’t hurt, I figured why not? In the beginning, it seemed so easy: just think positive and believe something will be a certain way, and that’s the way it will be. I eventually figured out that there is way more that goes into it, and if it was that easy to create a life the way I wanted it to be, everyone would be doing it effortlessly. I started to figure out how all of it works, and while I am still learning, or rather, creating new neural pathways, this new way of approaching life has put me in a much happier state of mind than I could have ever imagined.