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Are Mondays Your Enemy?

The Mirror Podcast

Are Mondays Your Enemy?

Sagan Amery

Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this podcast. It may make you sleepy!!

Episode 2

Does anyone really hate Mondays, or is it just another thing to blame for unhappiness? Sure, it’s the first day of the typical workweek. There you are having so much fun on the weekend, and before you know it, Sunday night appears and the dread kicks in about the next day, the day, that everyone loves to hate. But is it really Monday’s fault, or is it something deeper? I’m a believer that every day is a good day, and Monday is just as innocent as Friday. Why? Because Monday doesn’t decide where you go to work, or what you do with your time. People keep falling into a trap of saying “well my job pays the bills so I have to stay.” I’m here to tell you that is nonsense. You actually don’t have to keep that job, but you have convinced yourself that you do. And in order to feel better about it, you blame it on Monday. Because that is much easier than blaming yourself. Hey, I never said this podcast was going to be sugarcoated positivity. I said it I would share my secrets to happiness. And one of the ways I found happiness was to be real with myself. Believing that I have a choice, and that I can choose happiness.